How Divergent Is A Cinderella Pattern Story

I think Divergent follows the Cinderella story pattern because Beatrice also known as Tris (one of the main characters) starts out not really liking the faction she’s in or doesn’t think she belongs there. She’s usually felt somewhat selfless about some of the things she does.When it’s time for the choosing ceremony, Beatrice is undecided because her test results were inconclusive and she doesn’t know if she should stay in Abnegation or change factions. In the end, she chooses Dauntless.During initiation, Beatrice gets beat up a lot, she doesn’t like to hurt people but she has to during initiation in order to become a member. When she’s struggling, one of the dauntless leaders (Four) helps her. When they have to do simulations he finds out Beatrice is Divergent and helps her manipulate them. There’s some obstacles but she passes initiation.
The lowest point is when Jeanine (from Erudite) has Eric ( another dauntless leader) inject all dauntless with this tracking device in their neck. Beatrice wakes up one day to the other dauntless people acting like robots. Jeanine was using them as an army to basically kill innocent people. She also finds out Beatrice and Four are divergent and they get hunted down. Some of Beatrice’s loved ones died in the action which was almost a breaking point for her.
Everything gets better when Beatrice gets Jeanine to shut off the trackers in the dauntless and wipe the program. She came out of this whole experience more brave and especially alive.

Amadjae T. Kennedy F. Tyler S.


How Divergent is a man in hole story type

Man in a hole is the story shape that we as a group found to fit this story well. This is were the main character (Beatrice) finds them self in trouble. After finding a way out this character ends up more happy and better off for the experience. Though we did not find that the book leaves her completely happy we do find this fits the most. Beatrice is quite content with her life for the most part until she has to take a simulation to find the best fraction suited for her.This is the point were she(Tris) questions her selflessness and finds herself becoming nervous.After her simulation is were the shape of the story starts its long and steady drop. Beatrice learns her simulation was inconclusive and she was pronounced divergent. Tris then learns that it is dangerous to be divergent because she is able to manipulate the simulations.
To hide she joins Dauntless were bravery is most valued and they are less under watching eyes. Her initiation rank is one of the lowest as she has never fought nor held a gun before.To make the next point of the dropping slope she is bullied by other initiates. She is singled out for having been a stiff, this is a slang word for someone part of the fraction Abnegation. Further in the book her happiness dwindles to worry after the Erudite leader(Jeanine)takes over the Dauntless with an injection that allows her to give commands to said person.
Jeanine planed to over throw the fraction Abnegation and the Fractionless. After hitting rock bottom which is the death of her parents for her own life. Tris finds out that the program that is controlling the Dauntless is with her mind controlled lover and teacher Four or Tobias. With the risk of her life she allows Tobias to try and kill her with his gun in hope to wake him from the simulation. After waking four she has him download the mind control software to a hard-rive.
This in turn further raises her happiness level. Tris,Four,her brother Caleb,and Tobias’ father Marcus all catch a train to leave the fractions. The train leads them to an unknown future were they are now fractionless. Though Tris is not fully happy she is more than content to have made it out alive.
Cameron.N,Melissa.B and Caroline.R

Question #4 – Comment by Friday, May 12th

Book review time!  Now that you have finished Divergent write up a short review.  How was it?  Did it live up to your expectations?  Was it even better than you had hoped?  What made it so?

Consider including a brief premise, the narration, and the structure of the book as well as your own opinions on readability and genre classification.  Who else might like this book?

Question #3 – Comment by Fri. 5/5

Obviously, the main character here is Tris Pryor; after all, she tells the story.  Four can also be considered, as her love interest, to be a main character.

What secondary character (NOT Tris or Four) do you think is most influential to the storyline?  Explain why.  What traits does the character have?  How does he/she complement or contrast other characters?  What is the “function” of this character in the story?

Question #2 – Comment by Friday 4/28

Which character Divergent is your favorite (so far)? Explain why this is.  Notice whether you identify with the character or whether the character is sort of an “escape” for you because of how different he/she is from you?  What kinds of things does the author do to bring this character to life for you, as a reader?